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The DeskTime automated software is a useful time and productivity tracking tools to help you and your team reach new productivity levels. The DeskTime time tracker starts and stops working when you do, from the minute you turn on the computer, to the minute you turn it off. No manual data entries – DeskTime tracks and calculates productivity automatically for you. So that you can rely 100% on the data you see.

Boost productivity by 30%

Track productive and unproductive apps and tools your team uses.

Stay organized

Manage projects and invoice customers easily.

Manage team members

Schedule vacation time and days off all in one place.

Data Science Demonstration E-Course | Self-Paced | Online Lessons Format

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Home Page: Hypothetical Data Analysis Projects


Table of Contents

Research and Preparation
Project Executive Summary
What is the Research Hypothesis?
The Hypothesis Research Statement (H1)
Economics Business Domain
Problem Description
Historical Background
Fill Gaps in Research
Robust Data Set Description
Data Preparation
Data Analysis
Variable Transformations
Statistics Distribution Terms
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Correlation KPI
Data Analysis
Tableau 2019.1 Statistical Technique
SAS® Enterprise Machine Learning Techniques
Tableau 2019.1 Visualizations
SAS® Enterprise Miner 14.3 Prediction Models
Exploratory SS-Med Data Analysis Project Results
Project Closing Party
Project Closing Party
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How the Economic Machine Works Video